Capture, Scan and Connect with Standard Cyborg’s amazing apps

Capture, Scan and Connect with Standard Cyborg’s amazing apps

Standard Cyborg is a company that makes cloud and edge tools that make 3D computer vision accessible to all.

Location: San Francisco, California Launch date: 2015
Total funding received: $2.5M Specialties: Computer Software
Standard Cyborg 3d
©️ Standard Cyborg

Standard Cyborg is a startup company that creates cloud and edge tools that developers require in order to quickly build, deploy and improve Computer Vision solutions. They are a team of senior engineers and designers solving the hardest problems in CV and geometry. They are mainly working in the 3D scanning space field, which is leveraging the increasing presence of 3D scanning hardware found in modern smartphones. During the last year (2019.), their team has been focused on making an entirely new set of edge SDK and cloud tools for computer vision.

Standard Cyborg 3d scanner
©️ Standard Cyborg

What is their goal?

The company goal, as they say, is to multiply the potential of the real world. Because today’s tools for developers and teams created to capture, analyze, and collaborate on computer vision data are complex and disparate. Furthermore, they have license-restrictive dependencies, arcane file formats, and a lack of cloud tools. As a matter of fact, these tools address the technical challenges, but don’t address the needs of 99% of the people who want to use this technology, but aren’t computer vision experts. That is why Standard Cyborg’s team is making products that can make computer vision accessible to all.

Standard Cyborg’s products


Capture is a 3D scanning app for the TrueDepth camera. It is the fastest and most accurate iPhone scanning app available. Hundreds of thousands of users are discovering the joy of capturing the world around by taking 3D scans, share them with friends, or save and download them in any file format.


Scan enables users to capture 3D scans and other volumetric media from iOS devices with the TrueDepth camera. Standard Cyborg’s fast algorithms assimilate the depth camera data in real-time giving users an intuitive scanning experience.


Sense gives customers a full suite of machine learning tools for 3D data. Also, it includes tools to label, train, test, and deploy 3D deep learning models.


Connect enables users to focus on building the unique parts of your spatially-aware app. With Connect, you can easily process and store scan data, collaborate with team members, and get your data to the right place.

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