How we started

Our mission is to create intuitive blog posts as well as practical hands-on instructions. Vladimir, during his teaching hours, realized that math-oriented books in Computer Vision and Machine Learning can sometimes be difficult to grasp for beginners. However, once these concepts were explained in simple words, students were able to bridge this bottleneck and to create powerful projects. Hence, we strive to deliver a real understanding of the concepts (not just code!), and use that understanding to create applicable software code.

This synergy between a professor and his ex students looks quite promising. They are the first listeners and reviewers of the posts. In addition, they spark the posts with junior creativity and interest.

In addition, Vladimir has a transitioning career from Academia to Industry. This process, required from him to study a lot, learn and adapt. His experience, how to start in autonomous driving industry will be reflected in our blog.

We will prepare you for the jobs of the future!

Our Team

Vladimir Matić, PhD

Vladimir Matic currently works within a Camera Team for self-driving cars at Continental Company. For the last 15 years, he has been tackling problems in Machine Learning, Data Science, Signal and Image Processing. For 4 years, he was a university professor. That’s when the blog idea started. Initially, it served as a place for lecture notes. However, due to large interest, blog itself sparked many activities: Data Science bootcamps, ebooks, TV interviews and projects. He has a PhD in applied Data Science at KU Leuven (Belgium).
He feels that his teaching experience at University will guide him to write intuitive blog posts in an interesting way.

Strahinja Živković

Journalist, social media manager and graphical designer. Strahinja Zivkovic is an experienced journalist. He has worked for several daily newspapers. In addition, he is a talented graphical designer and social media manager. He joined at its early beginnings.

Strahinja Stefanović

Strahinja Stefanovic is a junior Machine Learning Engineer. His interests are in Machine Learning and Computer Vision projects. He is one of the fastest Pythonista and loves practical work. Currently, he is working at the EyeSee company where he develops Face analysis applications.

Davor Jordačević

Davor is a Junior Data Scientist with an Electrical Engineering background. He started programming since elementary school, while on university he started working with Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing and Machine Learning. Beside that, Davor has two certificates in the field of databases. He was a teaching assistant at data science boot camps and he participated in a few hackathons.

A few things we’re great at


Our opinion is that implementation of some algorithms is more challenging without theory knowledge. For that reason, we provide a detailed explanation and illustration in every post.


We code both in Python (Keras, Tensorflow, OpenCV) and C++ (OpenCV). With multiple checking and test, our team does its best to deliver you the most amazing code. All code can be found on our GitHub account.


We provide the freshest industry news, as well as sources from which you can find more about trends, learn and read. Beside our page, more interesting content can be found on our twitter accounts.