The hundred-page Computer Vision OpenCV book in Python

Have you ever thought: “Yes, I would love to learn programing in Python, but it is too difficult and time consuming. It would take me months, maybe years, to master thousands and thousands of lines of code and understand complex mathematical equations. And the books that are written for these courses are either very hard to follow or very superficial. So, I give up!” There is no need to give up, this book brings the solution for all your difficulties.

The 100-page Computer Vision book is perfect for you!


Learn how to write a code while understanding the theory

After reading this book, you will gain a full understanding of complicated code and mathematical formulas in a very short time while understanding the theory behind Computer Vision.


Computer Vision: What it is and why it matters

Computer Vision represents one of the most fascinating subjects. Both engineering and research fields have to deal with it nowadays. In the last few years, there has been significant progress in computer vision achievements. Nowadays computers can recognize people easily. On the latest iPhone you can implement face recognition end fingerprint recognition options. All this is possible thanks do deep learning and computer vision research results. Moreover, computers nowadays can recognize many different objects with very high accuracy. For instance, you can just point your cell phone when taking a picture and it will mark where a face is. You can wave to your smartphone and in that way, the smartphone will recognize that you want to take a photo and it will be saved on your phone.