Skydio – Impossible Video, Now Possible

Skydio – Impossible Video, Now Possible

Skydio is an autonomous drone technology company that designs and develops GPS enabled software to navigate drones.

Redwood City, California
Launch date: 2014
Total funding received:  < $3.5M Specialties: Aviation & Aerospace
skydio 2 autonomous follows and records a runner in the forest

What Skydio does?

Since 2014, Skydio has established its company which specializes in artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision. Not until 2018 they launched R1 which was considered as a breakthrough in autonomous drones for customers and as a platform for commercial development.

Nowadays, they are building autonomous systems, using artificial intelligence to duck under canopies and dive around branches in forests with caution all by itself. Furthermore, not only it is able to avoid obstacles, but they provide remarkable pictures as well.

These self-flying systems are built with world-class hardware product design, and advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms.

At the present time, their goal is to deliver the power and magic of flying cameras without human interaction. It is important to realize it sees more with six 4k navigation cameras, utilizing 45 megapixels of visual sensing from six 200-degree color cameras.

Equally important Skydio 2 are less likely to crash and the company issues repair while operating your Skydio 2 within their safe flight guidelines. They are multiple options an individual may control their drone either using a beacon, ios & android app or with a controller.

As shown above, their goal as a company is to make drones smart for people.