DataSparQ – Let data spark your business decisions

DataSparQ – Let data spark your business decisions

DataSparQ leverages data science to assist end-users uncover the mystery behind their data.

Location: London, England Launch date: 2015
Total funding received:  < $1M Specialties: Data Science, BI, GCP
datasparq aritifical intelligence product in pubs and bars
A.I Bar

What does DataSparQ do?

DataSparQ since 2015 without delay has helped organizations design and deliver intelligent products of the right value, and clearly understood ROI to overcome the challenges that business encounters.

It is important to realize that these intelligent products provide all the necessary knowledge and insights to help end-users make fast and smart decisions.

On the positive side, their intelligent products help businesses in lowing their costs expenses. Moreover, a comprehensive research has been performed to make sure that prototypes are carefully designed and ready for production which makes the business more profitable.

datasparq ai bar
Artificial Intelligence Bar

How does their product work?

At the present time, one of the successful products they’ve built is the world’s first a.i bar; Solving real problems for bar attendees and customers. To put it in another way, this helps make ordering in busy boozers easier, faster and fairer.

Another key point to mention is that this intelligent product is not difficult to set up. In details, it requires a software which costs £199 per month and can be easily set up with a webcam, display screen, and an internet connection.

As a matter of fact, the way this intelligent product works is that it uses a machine learning algorithm which can recognize the person who has been waiting longer at the queue and if he/she may legally drink.

In short, DataSparQ has established a strong and motivated data science team capable of deriving solutions for solving business challenges. Not only are they developing systems that prevent people from skipping queues at pubs and bars, but they are also helping other businesses flourish. Finally, their remarkable product will defiantly increase the number of pints served in a year.