Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Podcasts you must follow

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Podcasts you must follow

Artificial Intelligence podcast (AI podcast) is a series of conversations about technology, and science. On the web, they are quite a lot of people who have these discussions in order to produce countless podcasts related to artificial intelligence. With no hesitation, here are our chosen top 5 podcaster on artificial intelligence.

#1 Lex Fridman

About Podcast: The AI podcast hosts friendly conversations at MIT about the nature of intelligence. The talks include the following topics: artificial intelligence from the viewpoint of robotics, AGI, deep learning, mathematics, physics, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and more.

Lex Fridman - artificial intelligence podcasts | MIT | Professor | Course
Lex Fridman

#2 The TWIML AI Podcast (Formerly This Week in Machine Learning)

About Podcast: “This Week in Machine Learning” and AI Podcast are guides to all that’s new and fascinating in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here you will get all the important gist from the world of deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence and bots.

 Sam Charrington  - ai podcasts
Sam Charrington

#3 Eye On A.I Podcast

About Podcast: Eye on A.I hosted by a longtime New York Times reporter Craig S. Smith, releases podcasts every 2 weeks. In each episode, Craig mentions the people doing huge progressive improvements in machine learning, making a huge difference in space and global entanglements of these evolving technologies.

#4 The Official NVIDIA Blog The AI Podcast

About Podcast: The artificial intelligence podcasts invite people of different minds to discuss how AI is reshaping technology and the world.

Nvidia - ai podcasts
Nvidia Podcast

#5 Brain Inspired Podcast

About Podcast: The Neuroscientist Paul Middlebrooks who owns Brain Inspired Podcast talks about artificial intelligence in general.

Paul Middlebrooks - ai podcasts
Paul Middlebrooks

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