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Shallow Neural Networks Deep Learning TensorFlow 2.0 OpenCV
Camera calibration and Stereo Vision

Shallow Neural Networks

what is deep learning Deep learning, wait but why now? image classification problem - pilot intro
Image representation in a computer logistic regression - cost function optimization what is gradient descent
gradient descent in python logistic regression - the computation graph the computation graph example
logistic regression from scratch with gradient descent Logistic Regression: Scratch vs. Scikit-Learn How to make logistic regression fast
vectoriztaion and broadcasting in python neural network - introduction shallow neural networks
activation functions and their derivatives gradient descent for neural networks How to train a shallow neural network with gradient descent
random initialization of parameters in a neural network    

Deep Learning

deep neural network building a deep layer neural network deep layer neural network from scratch
computer vision example of the edge detection more on edge detection
padding strided convolution convolution on rgb images
one layer of a convolutional neural network A simple convolutional neural network example pooling layers
neural network example why convolutions convolutional neural network - an overview
leNet-5 alexnet vgg neural nework
residual neural networks why resnets work 1x1 convolutions
inception network inception network transfer learning
data augmentation object localization landmark detection
object detection convolutional operation of sliding windows Bounding box predictions
Intersection Over Union Non-Max suppression Anchor Boxes
Yolo Algorithm One-Shot learning Siamese Network
Triplet loss    

TensorFlow 2.0

classification with a shallow neural network in tf.keras- circle dataset classification with a shallow neural network in tf.keras - moon dataset
classification with a shallow neural network in tf.keras- spiral dataset image classification with a shallow neural network in tf.keras- Digits dataset image classification with a convolutional neural network in tf.keras- MNIST dataset
TensorBoard Data Augmentation Transfer Learning
Yolo Object Detection yolo object detection gradient descent in tensorflow
logistic regression in tensorflow    

OpenCV Introduction to Computer Vision

opencv - manipulating image pixels opencv - read, display and save videos using opencv opencv - pixel intensity changes and adding watermarks
opencv - common type of noise opencv - average and guassian filter opencv - sobel operator and an image gradient
opencv - thresholding opencv - canny edge detector opencv - detecting lines
opencv - detecting circles opencv - discrete Fourier transform, part 1 opencv - discrete Fourier transform, part 2
opencv - Harris corner detector - introduction and illustration part 1 opencv - Harris corner detector - code and detailed understanding part 2 opencv - histogram equalization

Camera Calibration and Stereo Vision

camera calibration - perspective imaging camera calibration - perspective projection camera calibration - weak perspective
camera calibration - camera transformation camera calibration - what does r look like camera calibration - translation and rotation
camera calibration - ideal vs Real intrinsic parameters camera calibration stereo geometry
stereo geometry - epipolar lines and essential matrix Essential matrix computation

Additional Content

opencv - face detection with opencv opencv - face detection with video Computer Vision Books
Top 10 ML videos on youtube    

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