Topaz Labs – best plugins and software for professional photo editing

Topaz Labs – best plugins and software for professional photo editing

Transform your image into beautiful artwork with Topaz Labs plugins.

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Location: Dallas, USA
Founded: 2005 Specialties: Software

Many photographers and graphic designers are always on the search for new tools and apps in order to improve the quality of their work. When working with hundreds of photos at a time, they must find new ways to adjust and enhance them. However, the majority of their problems are already solved! There is a perfect solution to many of them provided by company called Topaz Labs.

Topaz Labs provides a plugins and software for professional photo editing. Its first products were plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, but now Topaz has its own standalone editor that works as a host for its plugins.

Each Topaz Labs plugin is designed and optimized for a specific purpose. They are built for professional photographers, and their priority are high-quality images. All provide advanced functionalities and deliver natural-looking results.  Topaz Labs plugins integrate artificial intelligence technologies and offer smart and automatic adjustments, but allow users to fine-tune each parameter to create a unique artistic vision.

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Topaz Labs Products

Their products are available for both Windows and Mac and they are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Topaz offers free trials for their products which have a perpetual license, and can be bought separately or in bundles.

Here are some of them:

Topaz Studio 2

Topaz Studio 2 is a photo editor and an Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom plugin dedicated to creative post-processing. It provides tools for creating unique images and focuses on the creative process rather than mass processing. As a result, Topaz Studio doesn’t include batch processing, digital asset management, or design tools. They have only one goal: transforming an image into an artwork.

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Mask AI

Mask AI is an AI-based plugin that provides tools to make complex selections. It uses the “trimap” technique and AI algorithms to create content-aware and edge-aware masks. All you have to do is roughly outline the subject. Mask AI shows good results for landscapes, portraits, animals, architectural photos, nature, silhouettes, and fine art.

Adjust AI

Adjust AI uses AI technology to perform automatic adjustments. It can enhance colors, bring out details, and adjust highlights and shadows in seconds. All adjustments are calibrated to maintain the image’s natural feel and tonality. Adjust AI includes a collection of signature presets that recreate frequently used styles such as gritty, urban, amber, and black and white.

DeNoise AI

DeNoise AI is a dedicated plugin for noise removal. It’s able to remove noise and recover details from images taken in any light, at medium and high ISO. The plugin uses AI technology to distinguish between noise and details and removes noise without smudging.