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Top 10 Machine Learning Videos on Youtube

So you want to understand what machine learning is in order to master the field, well guess what? Out there are numerous lectures and free video tutorials and available on the internet along with a reference guide. We will provide you with our top 10 popular resources available on Youtube. #1 CS50 CS50 is a popular channel that uploads regular and well-structured machine learning lectures along with different talks and lectures from Harvard University. #2…
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#FA 003 Face Detection in Videos using OpenCV

In real case scenarios, there is often a need for detection and recognition of faces not just in images, but in videos. For example, this is a necessary prerequisite for security cameras, filters on social networks, identification at work and many other cases where cameras are used. The pictures are static, but videos can be seen as a series of pictures, or frames. All video clips are constructed of a constant number of frames in…
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