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#006 Morphological transformations with OpenCV in Python

Highlight: In this OpenCV with Python post we are going to talk about morphological transformations. Fundamentally, there are two basic morphological transformations and they are called dilation and erosion. They are present in image processing in different applications. They are used for the removal of noise or for finding the bumps or holes in images. In addition, these operations can also be used to calculate gradients of images. Moreover, once we learn two basic morphological…
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OpenCV #007 Thresholding

Digital Image Processing using OpenCV (Python & C++) Highlights: In this post we will learn about Thresholding. This method is essential in many computer vision applications. The purpose of this post is to show and benchmark performance of several different approaches, and also to provide you with the necessary knowledge to implement it. Tutorial Overview: Thresholding Simple thresholding Adaptive thresholding Otsu’s Binarization 1. Thresholding In the last post we explained why edges are important for…
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