How drones can help your crops grow?

How drones can help your crops grow?

Agremo is one of the fastest growing startup in Europe that develops intuitive agricultural sensing and drone analysis platform for drone operators, growers, and agronomists.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia Launch date: March 2018
Total funding received: €680K Funding Source South Central Ventures, StartLabs, FRACTALS

For several years now, AgroTech startups from all around the world, have been making major and significant changes in the agricultural sector. Their goal is to help make this industry much more digitized and more modern. With drones which are sensors equipped for scanning land and subsequently processing large amounts of data, users get powerful tools that take their business to a whole new level.

Among them is Agremo, a Serbian startup backed by South Central Ventures and StartLabs, which has developed an advanced AI platform that allows farmers to analyze fields and seedlings using drone photos. The company won second place in the CEE Startup Challenge competition last year.

Agremo is a software platform for agribusinesses, crop growers and anyone interested in crop and land status and health. By provision of an early insight into a visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced map of a field, they analyze and provide a full range of stats: plant counting, plant health tools and stress detectors that enable precise yield increase and increase of overall profit.

They performs analytics from aerial imagery, leveraging AI, computer vision and machine learning, to provide so called “brains” for better crop management. The platform is compatible with any equipment type, including all commercial drones and sensors (RGB, NIR, multispectral, etc.) as well as the data collected by satellites.

Agremo is one of most recognized name in precision agriculture with an AI that identifies over 100 varieties of plants. Their platform is used by more than a 2000 of users, like agriculture producers, drone operators, agronomists, insurance and audit companies from over 100 countries around the world with the vast majority of them coming from the USA.