The hundred-page Computer Vision OpenCV book in Python

Are you excited about Computer Vision and would love to join the party?!


Perhaps you would like to give your homemade robot its own vision and navigation? Make it to recognize faces? Or to learn how to walk around? Or maybe you would like to start making Apps to track people and to secure your smart home? 

Or maybe you want to start a new career in the Self-Driving car industry?

 With my Computer Vision book, you can accomplish the following:

  • Understand the fundamentals of image processing 

  • Remove noise from your images, enhance colors and experiment with brightness and illumination
  • Make your own Instagram-like filters and boost your likes 🙂  
  • Detect points of interest in your images and use them for object detection and classification
  • Prepare your data for Machine Learning algorithms
  • And more. This book is just the beginning!