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#007 Top 5 Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

Who can benefit from self-driving cars? In general, there is no doubt that everyone will benefit from self-driving cars. First, society, from a safety standpoint, benefits from eliminating most of 30.000 fatal accidents per year. The elderly and disabled can enhance independence. Also, commuters can benefit by turning their boring drive to work into a relaxing time. They could safely pursue more productive or entertaining activities, like responding to emails or watching a movie. Not…
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#006 The moral dilemma of self-driving cars

How should autonomous vehicles decide who to sacrifice? Almost 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year. One of the most compelling reasons in favor of the introduction of autonomous vehicles is to enhance driving safety and reduce road casualties. However, this prompts the question of whether these cars will be able to make decisions in a split second, and respond just as well as experienced human drivers. And most importantly, how an AI-powered…
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