Tag: image filtering

#004 How to smooth and sharpen an image in OpenCV?

Highlight: In our previous posts we mastered some basic image processing techniques and now we are ready to move on to more advanced concepts. In this post, we are going to explain how to blur and sharpen images. When we want to blur or sharpen our image, we need to apply a linear filter. You will learn several types of filters that we often use in the image processing In addition, we will also show…
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OpenCV #004 Common Types of Noise

Digital Image Processing using OpenCV (Python & C++) Highlights: We will give an overview of the most common types of noise that is present in images. We will show how we can generate these types of noise and add them to clean images. Then, we will show how we can filter these images using a simple median filter. In this post, we will assume that we “know” how the noise looks like in our experiments…
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OpenCV #003 Pixel Intensity and Watermarks

Digital Image Processing using OpenCV (Python & C++) Highlight: In this blog post, we will explain how to scale the pixel’s intensity and make the image brighter and/or darker. We will show how to add logos onto a given image. This is known as a watermark, and we will also show how to add it in a transparent mode. Finally, we show-off with some cool effects for beginners, such as fading in and out using…
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