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#005 TF 2.0 An implementation of a Shallow Neural Network with tf.keras – Circles dataset

Highlights: In previous post we have talked about TensorFlow Wrappers and there we concluded that tf.keras is the most convenient way to build neural networks. Now we are going to implement one very simple network using this high-level API. Tutorial Overview: Imports and Dataset preparation Building a Neural Network Visualization 1. Imports and Dataset preparation Let’s start with basic imports. Don’t worry if some things are not familiar with all of these libraries, we will…
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#002 TF 2.0 An Introduction to TensorFlow 2.0

Highlights: In this post we are going to talk more about what are TensorFlow data model elements. Those are elements like Constants and Variables. So let’s see how we can create an operation like \(c = a*b\) and run it with the following lines of code. TensorFlow data model elements There are certain programming elements in TensorFlow that are essential for writing any TensorFlow code like Constants and Variables. These data model elements are used…
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