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#OD1 YOLO Object Detection

YOU ONLY LOOK ONCE Highlights: In this post we will learn about the YOLO Object Detection system, and how to implement such a system with Keras. About Yolo: Our unified architecture is extremely fast. Our base YOLO model processes imagesin real-time at 45 frames per second. A smaller version of the network, Fast YOLO,processes an astounding 155 frames per second … — You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection, 2015 Tutorial Overview: This post…
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#FA 002 Face Detection with OpenCV in Images

Face detection represents the ability of a computer technology to locate peoples’s faces within digital images. Face detection applications employ algorithms focused on detecting human faces within larger images that also contain other objects such as landscapes, houses, cars and others. Table of Contents: Import required packages Select the network Preprocess the image, standardise, mean subtraction Process the image with a Neural Network Analyze detections The importance of face detection can be seen as: The…
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#FA 003 Face Detection in Videos using OpenCV

In real case scenarios, there is often a need for detection and recognition of faces not just in images, but in videos. For example, this is a necessary prerequisite for security cameras, filters on social networks, identification at work and many other cases where cameras are used. The pictures are static, but videos can be seen as a series of pictures, or frames. All video clips are constructed of a constant number of frames in…
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011 Deep L-layer Neural Network

#011 Deep L-layer Neural Network

Deep L-layer Neural Network In this post we will make a Neural Network overview. We will see what is the simplest representation of a Neural Network and how deep representation of a Neural Network looks like. You may have heard that the perceptron is the simplest version of a Neural Network. The perceptron is a one layer Neural Network with the \(step\) activation function . In the previous posts we have defined a Logistic Regression…
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#001A Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning as taught by ANDREW NG, DEEP LEARNING course  LECTURE NOTES Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning that is rapidly rising and is driving a lot of developments that has already transformed traditional internet businesses like web search and advertising. In the past couple of years, deep learning has gotten good from reading X-ray images, to delivering personalized education, precision agriculture, and even to self-driving cars. Over the next decades,…
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