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#011 TF How to improve the model performance with Data Augmentation?

Highlights: In this post we will show the benefits of data augmentation techniques as a way to improve performance of a model. This method will be very beneficial when we do not have enough data at our disposal. Tutorial Overview: Training without data augmentation What is data augmentation? Training with data augmentation Visualization 1. Training without data augmentation A familiar question is “why should we use data augmentation?”. So, let’s see the answer. In order…
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DataSparQ – Let data spark your business decisions

DataSparQ leverages data science to assist end-users uncover the mystery behind their data. Location: London, England Launch date: 2015 Total funding received:  < $1M Specialties: Data Science, BI, GCP What does DataSparQ do? DataSparQ┬ásince 2015 without delay has helped organizations design and deliver intelligent products of the right value, and clearly understood ROI to overcome the challenges that business encounters. It is important to realize that these intelligent products provide all the necessary knowledge and insights to…
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