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AI powered security system to prevent shootings

Athena Security is a cutting edge A.I. security camera startup with more than 95% accuracy to help reduce crimes and shootings Founded: 2018 Revenue 5,6 M Location: Austin, USA Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Software By the end of 2019, there were more than 400 mass shootings in the U.S. It is the highest number of mass killings in the recent history. Gun violence in the United States needs no introduction.…
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CamCal 011 Fundamental Matrix

Highlights: In this post we will learn about fundamental matrix and we will continue our series about stereo vision. In the last post we concluded that if we have enough points we should be able to figure out the constraints for the epipolar line. So for this, we will need to calculate a fundamental matrix. Tutorial Overview: Weak calibration Uncalibrated Case Matrix Multiplication Properties of the Fundamental Matrix Intro In previous posts we have developed…
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CamCal 009 Stereo Geometry – Epipolar lines and Essential Matrix

Highlights: In this post we continue our talk about stereo geometry. We will show the relation between two calibrated cameras. The goal is to transform geometry into algebra, so then the computer can understand it. Tutorial Overview: This post covers the following topics: Intro Stereo Correspondence Stereo Geometry Cross Product 1 From Geometry to Algebra Cross Product 2 Essential Matrix 1. Intro Before we start, we have to remind ourself some things. So first thing…
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Harris Corner Detector 013

OpenCV #013 Harris Corner Detector – Theory

Highlights: In this post we will learn about Harris Corner Detector and how can we use this method to detect corners. We will give a brief overview how this method works, but we’ll not go so seriously with mathematics. We promise 🙂 What is Harris Corner Detector? In many computer vision and machine learning applications we need some feature points which we will track or which will assist us to compare and detect objects or…
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OpenCV #013 Harris Corner Detector – Experiment

Highlights: In this post we will continue working on Harris Corner Detector. In the previous post we presented the basic idea behind this algorithm, and here we will wrap this up and show how this method works in OpenCV. Tutorial Overview: Interpreting the Second Moment Matrix Interpreting the Eigenvalues Harris Corner Response Function Harris Detector Algorithm Code 1. Interpreting the Second Moment Matrix Let’s first consider the case, where the gradient at every point in…
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