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#005 TF 2.0 An implementation of a Shallow Neural Network with tf.keras – Circles dataset

Highlights: In previous post we have talked about TensorFlow Wrappers and there we concluded that tf.keras is the most convenient way to build neural networks. Now we are going to implement one very simple network using this high-level API. Tutorial Overview: Imports and Dataset preparation Building a Neural Network Visualization 1. Imports and Dataset preparation Let’s start with basic imports. Don’t worry if some things are not familiar with all of these libraries, we will…
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CamCal #012 Stereo Geometry Code

Highlights: In this post we will finish our mini series on stereo geometry. We will wrap some things up, and go through the code related to this. In the last few posts we talked about stereo geometry. We covered many concepts, from basic stuff, such as essential matrix and epipolar lines to the fundamental matrix. Here, we will present a code that can help us to compute them. Tutorial Overview: Detecting key points (SIFT, SURF,…
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