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#007 Top 5 Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

Who can benefit from self-driving cars? In general, there is no doubt that everyone will benefit from self-driving cars. First, society, from a safety standpoint, benefits from eliminating most of 30.000 fatal accidents per year. The elderly and disabled can enhance independence. Also, commuters can benefit by turning their boring drive to work into a relaxing time. They could safely pursue more productive or entertaining activities, like responding to emails or watching a movie. Not…
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#006 The moral dilemma of self-driving cars

How should autonomous vehicles decide who to sacrifice? Almost 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year. One of the most compelling reasons in favor of the introduction of autonomous vehicles is to enhance driving safety and reduce road casualties. However, this prompts the question of whether these cars will be able to make decisions in a split second, and respond just as well as experienced human drivers. And most importantly, how an AI-powered…
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#005 Fatal Crashes Caused by Self-driving Technology

A new era in transportation has already begun. We can see autonomous vehicles on the roads of almost every developed country in the world. In recent few years, self- driving cars have started moving alongside with real cars driving on real streets with people inside. Many people probably think that the future with fully autonomous vehicles is around the corner and that in few years from now cities will resemble scenes from science fiction movies. But prepare…
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#003 Autonomous Cars – journey through history

In the past couple of years autonomous driving has gone from science fiction fantasy to absolute certainty that will become reality in the near future. It seems like self-driving cars showed up overnight on the roads just a few years ago, but in fact the path to autonomous vehicles has been very, very long. Driverless dream started almost 100 years ago in the early 20th century. Beginning of driverless dream It didn’t take long after…
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002 Top 5 autonomous driving systems in the world

#002 Top 5 autonomous driving systems in the world

The concept of autonomous driving has been around for a very long time. Today, almost every car manufacturer produces some sort of self-driving car, but only a few of them are developing systems that in the future will do not need human drivers to take control to operate the vehicle. With more self-driving cars hitting the road every day, we’re taking a look at the 5 best autonomous driving systems in the world available today.…
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