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CamCal 011 Fundamental Matrix

Highlights: In this post we will learn about fundamental matrix and we will continue our series about stereo vision. In the last post we concluded that if we have enough points we should be able to figure out the constraints for the epipolar line. So for this, we will need to calculate a fundamental matrix. Tutorial Overview: Weak calibration Uncalibrated Case Matrix Multiplication Properties of the Fundamental Matrix Intro In previous posts we have developed…
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CamCal 006 Ideal vs Real Intrinsic Parameters

Highlights: Here, we are going to talk about intrinsic camera calibration. We will present the main difference between ideal and real intrinsic parameters, how to improve them, and how to combine them. Here we will also talk about camera parameters, which will be of great importance for further understanding. Tutorial Overview: Intro Ideal vs Real Intrinsic Parameters Improving Intrinsic Parameters Combining Extrinsic and Intrinsic Calibration Parameters Other Ways Camera Parameters 1. Intro So first, just…
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