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#004 How to smooth and sharpen an image in OpenCV?

Highlight: In our previous posts we mastered some basic image processing techniques and now we are ready to move on to more advanced concepts. In this post, we are going to explain how to blur and sharpen images. When we want to blur or sharpen our image, we need to apply a linear filter. You will learn several types of filters that we often use in the image processing In addition, we will also show…
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005 Averaging and Gaussian Filter

OpenCV #005 Averaging and Gaussian filter

Digital Image Processing using OpenCV (Python & C++) Highlights: In this post, we will learn how to apply and use an Averaging and a Gaussian filter. We will also explain the main differences between these filters and how they affect the output image. What does make a good filter? This is a million dollar question. Tutorial Overview: Averaging filter Gaussian filter 1. Averaging filter What does make a good filter? So, let’s start with a…
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