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#003 Linear Algebra – Linear transformations and matrices

Highlight: Hello and welcome back! This post will be quite an interesting one. We will show how a 2D plane can be transformed into another one. Understanding these concepts is a crucial step for some more advanced linear algebra/machine learning methods (e.g. SVD, PCA). So, let’s proceed and we will learn how to connect a matrix-vector multiplication with a linear transformation. Tutorial Overview: Linear transformation Linear transformation and basis vectors 2×2 Matrix as a linear…
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#000 Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

Highlights: Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics related to linear equations, linear functions and their representations through matrices and vector spaces. Basically, it is the science of numbers which empowers diverse Data Science algorithms and applications. To fully comprehend machine learning, linear algebra fundamentals are the essential prerequisite. In this post, you will discover what exactly linear algebra is and what are the main applications in the machine learning. Tutorial Overview: You will learn:…
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