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CamCal #001 Perspective Projection

Highlights: In this post we will continue an exploration of the projection modeling. The basic modeling equations will be written in the matrix form. New concepts, such as vanishing points and parallel lines in images will be explained. Tutorial Overview: Perspective imaging – matrix equations How do parallel lines in 3D world behave in the image? What is a vanishing point? 1. Perspective imaging – matrix equations Let’s start with the perspective projection model equations.…
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CamCal #000 Perspective Imaging

Perspective Imaging Highlights: In this post we’re going to talk about perspective imaging. First, there is a little bit of math that is needed for the explanations of the geometry and the configuration of the camera. Second, we will use a simplified pinhole camera model. Hence, we will not talk about focus and other “non-pinhole effects” when the rays are not in focus. When we take a photo, our 3D world is mapped into a…
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