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#001 CNN Convolutional Neural Networks

Source: Stanford CS 231n Convolutional Neural Networks What is Computer Vision?      Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers can be made to gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do.                               Computer Vision is one of the fields of artificial intelligence that is rapidly progressing thanks to Deep…
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011 Deep L-layer Neural Network

#011 Deep L-layer Neural Network

Deep L-layer Neural Network In this post we will make a Neural Network overview. We will see what is the simplest representation of a Neural Network and how deep representation of a Neural Network looks like. You may have heard that the perceptron is the simplest version of a Neural Network. The perceptron is a one layer Neural Network with the \(step\) activation function . In the previous posts we have defined a Logistic Regression…
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Neural Network Representation

#007 Neural Networks Representation

A quick overview In previous posts we had talked about Logistic Regression and we saw how this model corresponds to the following computation graph: We have a feature vector \(x \) , parameters \(w \) and \(b \) as the inputs to the computation graph. That allows us to compute \(z \) which is then used to compute \(a \) and we use \(a \) interchangeably with the output \(\hat{y} \). Finally, we can compute a…
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#001A Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning as taught by ANDREW NG, DEEP LEARNING course  LECTURE NOTES Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning that is rapidly rising and is driving a lot of developments that has already transformed traditional internet businesses like web search and advertising. In the past couple of years, deep learning has gotten good from reading X-ray images, to delivering personalized education, precision agriculture, and even to self-driving cars. Over the next decades,…
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#007 kNN (k Nearest Neighbors) – k najbliži sused

U našem narodu dobro je poznaka izreka “S kim si onakav si”. Dobro je poznata i misao da mi, kao pojedinci, predstavljamo “sredinu, od petoro ljudi sa kojima provodimo najviše vremena”. Slagali se sa ovim ili ne, osnovna ideja ovih poruka predstavlja ideju za algoritam kNN. k Nearest Neighbors za svaki element iz skupa podataka prvo definiše razdaljinu od susednih elemenata. Ta razdaljina može da predstavlja rastojanje između dve tačke. Parametar k biramo mi i…
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