Category: Deep Learning

#001B Deep Learning, wait but why now?

Deep Learning, wait but why now?   If the basic technical idea behind deep learning neural networks has been around for decades, why are they only now taking off? To answer this question, we plot a figure where on the x-axis we plot the amount of labeled data we have for a task, and on the y-axis we plot the performance of our learning algorithm (accuracy). For example, we want to measure accuracy of our…
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#001A Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning as taught by ANDREW NG, DEEP LEARNING courseĀ  LECTURE NOTES Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning that is rapidly rising and is driving a lot of developments that has already transformed traditional internet businesses like web search and advertising. In the past couple of years, deep learning has gotten good from reading X-ray images, to delivering personalized education, precision agriculture, and even to self-driving cars. Over the next decades,…
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